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Talk About Savings!
The Sprint Credit Union Member Discount

Let us introduce you to valuable savings on monthly wireless bills – plus waived activation and upgrade fees. It’s all possible thanks to Laclede Family, Invest in America and Sprint’s Credit Union Member Discount program.

Ways you can save:*

  • 10% off* select personal Sprint plans
  • 15% off* select business Sprint plans
  • Waived activation fee on new activations
  • Waived upgrade fee
  • Available to new and existing Sprint customers

Enjoy the perks, benefits and exclusive discounts that only credit union members like you can receive. Secure your Sprint discount when you call (877) 728-3428 and ask to be a part of the NACUC_ZZM Corporate ID, go to LoveMyCreditUnion.org/Sprint or visit your local Sprint store today!

*Application of discount requires 2-year contract extension on existing plans. Verification of membership is required at time of activation/upgrade. Discount not available on secondary lines for Family and Business Share plans. All rights reserved. Sprint, the logo, and other trademarks are the trademarks of Sprint Nextel.