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Sign Up For E-Statements From Laclede Family

Take a number. Get on the waiting list. Stand in line. Wait your turn. In a fast-paced world, nothing is worse than having to wait. Thankfully, there’s no line or list at Laclede Family Savings Credit Union. When you sign up for E-Statements, your financial statements are sent to you with no delay. It’s convenient, easy, fast and free!

If you’re not already using E-Statements, now is the best time to sign up! Laclede Family will begin issuing a monthly charge for paper statements in May, so this is a great way to avoid the extra cost.

Available through your secure online banking account, E-Statements are ready for review at the close of each month. Instead of waiting on the mail, you can review your statement when you’re ready. Then, save it on your computer without worrying about identity theft or fraud. Your information stays perfectly secure and perfectly organized, so you can track your spending, monitor payments and manage your budget in just a few clicks!

E-Statements are free of charge to our members, so what are you waiting for? Log on to online banking to sign up today!